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Wow, I cant believe you do this

We are a full week through our new Transformation Contest called Excess Baggage.

excess-baggageThe gym has been absolutely buzzing all week with current members and new members helping each other towards their goals and trying to get a great start to the competition with their team!

This Transformation Contest is completely different from anything we have run before and so far it’s surpassing everything we have done before. Usually when we run a Transformation Contest we have to set a certain time, on a certain day and inevitably we miss out on some people who really want to train with us but their schedule doesn’t match the times of the class.

Some people use time as an excuse. Some people genuinely struggle to juggle their time and as a result, neglect their own health and training.

We’re here to tell you…


The difference with Excess Baggage is we are working with our members in our New High Performance Gym, in Semi-Private small group.The contestants are working as part of a team but are working from an individualised program, specific to their goals and needs. They can come in at a time that’s suits them (we open 7am-9pm), work on their program and be back to continue with their busy day, ALL… in under an hour!

I was taken back a little bit this week when one of our new members said

“Wow… You guys do this too??”

This question has frustrated Paul and I for 3 Years!

She genuinely didn’t know we had a gym.

She had thought we just ran classes.

She had been threatening to come into us for 3 years but was afraid that she would be the most unfit person in the building.

She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other members in the gym.

So many people who join us and say, wow I didn’t know you guys done that!

Have you been putting your health on the long finger, yo-yoing in and out of exercise and healthy eating, not finding the time to improve your health, putting everyone else’s life before yours?If you are willing to find out and make a difference to your health, we have semi private consultations available on Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm or 6pm.Contact to book your place and find out how we can help you change your health and your life.

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