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March 30, 2013
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May 17, 2013
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“What have you done in the last 1,095 days??”

What have you done in the last 1,095 days??

Summer is coming! Is it??

After the weather we have been getting over the past few days our dreams for a 30° summer are fading rapidly!
As D’Unbelievables said “She’d be a grand country, if we could only roof it!”

Love Pat Short and John Kenny, men before their time who summed up Irish culture before we knew it ourselves!
They lift my spirits every time I’ve seen them ever since!

So 1,095 days….I wonder was the weather as nice as it is today?
What were you doing 1,095 days ago?
1,095 day is 26280 Hours, 1,575,800 Minutes, 94,608,000 Seconds……3 Years!!

3 years…..It’s a number that was brought back to me this afternoon talking to a local Ballina business owner, when she asked “How long has Functional Fitness been in action now??”
I had to stop and catch myself for a second. It’s not something I do very often, looking back at life. I suppose things are too busy moving forward too look back.
However it was a great question to take me back!

This time three years ago Paul and I would have been running around Ballina town centre like headless chickens looking for shops, cars, windows, anything we could get, to put up posters about are up and coming Bootcamp in Beleek Woods.

Our first Bootcamp had 20 sign ups. We were delighted! I still remember the buzz driving away from Beleek after our first class! Think we even forgot some gear…..NOT LIKE US 😉

I remember the summer we had 3 years ago like it was yesterday; it was the best we have had in a long time! I think it rained on us, maybe a handful of nights that summer and we ran Bootcamp 2 nights per week for 3months!

5 raining nights…That would be like a summer get-away right now!

Thankfully we don’t have to do Bootcamp outside anymore (however some of our members have been asking lately and majority rules, so if they want Beleek Woods, they shall receive!).
We have up graded to a 3000sq ft gym in the centre of Ballina Town. We have a 1500 sq ft Semi-Private Gym, where we can take people through an individualised program, specific to their needs, Spin Studio, Kettlebell/Yoga Classroom & a Physical Therapy room. Shower Facilities, Receptionist, Shake Bar, 2 of our own Cookbooks, with another one in the pipeline etc, etc….

“I DON’T TELL YOU THIS TO IMPRESS YOU. I TELL YOU THIS TO IMPRESS ON YOU.”- I first heard this quote from a friend named Chris Brown (not the singer!).

To impress on you exactly what can be done when you have a positive mind shift.
We did not know at the time where a Bootcamp in Beleek Woods would take us. We never dreamed of having a gym, never mind over 200 people to share it with!

No one else can do it for you.

You have to make your own decisions.

It’s not for everyone.

It might not be for you.

As I said,


Would you like to get your confident body back? Remember that?

Would you like to be full of energy while you chase your kids as they play in the garden?

Are you brave enough to make that sort of change to your life?

Or are you happy to remain unmotivated, lethargic, self-conscious & unhappy?

Are you happy to making the same old excuse of “I don’t have enough time”…..

The decision is yours…..

As I said it’s not for everyone,

But Functional Fitness Ballina have some exciting news coming up that we are buzzing to share with you!!

Check out our Facebook page, we threw up a tasty treat today!!

A recipe to get you in the mood for summer, even if our weather can’t!

P.S Keep your eyes peeled for more news on our Transformation Contest over the next couple of days.

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