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What can Ann and Barry teach you about Health and Fitness?

Hey All,

Happy Easter!!

I am currently undertaking another nutritional course and was studying some really interesting stuff this weekend on Limiting Factors. Limiting Factors are anything that makes it more difficult for you to achieve optimal results.

In its simplest terms, find out whats holding you back, remove it and you will succeed! I fully accept that that is a real Ann and Barry stuff,  but if you look at it from the perspective of someone who wants to lose weight, tone up, add muscle or be healthy, there are only a few limiting factors.

Who remembers Ann and Barry

Who remembers Ann and Barry??

Limiting Factor Number 1 – Genetics

We have worked with hundreds of people over the past number of years, and we cant remember one person who couldn’t improve in a significant way, despite their genetics. Unfortunately, very few of us are standing on the bring of our genetic upper limit! We have to be realistic, most of us will never win an Olympic gold medal. This simply means that we don’t have the genetic make up to reach the upper limit of elite human performance. Despite this limiting factor, you can still improve your health, lose fat, and/or gain muscle by getting the right advice and implementing it!

Limiting Factor 2 – Exercise

Is your level of physical activity your limiting factor? If your daily activity involves nothing more than moving from one piece of furniture to another, then your exercise habits ARE your limiting factor!! I’m not going to rabbit on about it but you all should know that sedentary people risk metabolic decline, muscle loss, fat gain and lifestyle related diseases where as when someone undertakes purposeful, high intensity exercise, the magic starts to happen!

There's some magic going on here!!!

There’s some magic going on here!!!

Limiting Factor 3 – Physiology

While exercise and nutrition can help almost every person we came into contact with to make substantial improvements, there are certain physiological imbalances that may significantly impede results depending on the severity of the imbalance. Thyroid Hormone imbalance, gastrointestinal dysfunction and sex hormone imbalance are just a few examples that can cause clients to have difficulties with weight loss, muscle gain or improved performance.

In the end, however, these should never be used as an excuse not to begin an exercise and nutritional program, with medical supervision.

Limiting Factor 4- Mindset

All the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean a thing if that knowledge isn’t translated into action, daily practices and habits you can repeat consistently. I recently read a book called “The Compound Effect” by Darren Handy. If you are looking for a great book on implementing daily practices and habits, this is the one! I will do a review of it in the next few weeks, but pick it up on kindle ASAP if your struggling with mindset at the minute.

The Compound Effect

Limiting Factor Number 5 – Nutrition

Whether you want to drop fat, gain muscle, pursue a healthy lifestyle or even prove me wrong on Genetic Factor 1 and win a Gold Medal at the Olympics, in our experience the most important limiting factor is almost always nutrition.

Poor nutrition is what is holding clients back and good nutrition is what propels them forward.

Good nutrition feeds the muscles and helps shed fat, It improves almost all measurable health markers. It will drastically improve recovery and mood and can give you the body that you never thought that you could have.

Good nutrition is the most significant factor determining your outcome!

Good Nutrition Defined

If you want me to define good nutrition or found this information to be of use, please let us know by using the Facebook comment below!

I will go into further detail on this topics and other nutritional topics for members of Functional Fitness in the Functional Fitness Inner Circle! Just let us know what you want to hear about.

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