Finally, a Strength Training Program FOR WOMEN Who Want To Take Their Training & RESULTS To The Next Level!

A Fool Proof Training & Nutrition Program FOR WOMEN, Who Want To Build Muscle, Lose Fat, and Get Strong So That They Can Acheive Life Changing RESULTS All In Just 56Days

If you're the kind of girl who wants to be in the best shape of your life & quickly build sexy, feminine muscle, while getting leaner and stronger (all without bulking up and getting fat-looking), then this program is the solution for you!

You see, time and time again we speak to girls who have struggled with their weight their entire life.  

Many women have issues with their body image. Most don't know how to correct these issues to allow them preform at their maximum. Most think that the correction is too far out of reach or too difficult to implement.

Sadly, this leads girls to becoming stuck, lost & frustrated or even worse, to developing an eating disorder. 

Not knowing what exercise to do at the gym to deliver best results. 

Not knowing what to eat to correctly fuel your body to allow you to live life to the full.

Spending hours at the gym.

Doing the wrong training.

Eating the wrong foods.

If only, ladies knew how simple it actually is to getting in incredible shape & it doesn't invovle hours at the gym, or eating like a rabbit or even worse not eating at all!!

There was one particular girl, whom over the course of a year, lost 50 lbs by doing 2 hours of cardio every day (combined with her eating disorder).  

On the outside, she looked happy and healthy, but on the inside, she felt terrible.

She started noticing that she was getting very weak.

Mundane tasks like climbing up the stairs or doing house work increased in difficulty. This got worse and worse until an unfortunate day in 2013.  

Her plan was to go to the gym, jump on the treadmill, and not leave until she burned 500 Calories. After a 5 minute warmup, she was already feeling light headed. She gradually increased the speed. 5km/h. 6km/h. 7km/h...  

...Then her world went black.

She woke up the next day in the hospital with an IV drip attached to her arm.

At this time, she weighed under 100lbs, and her resting heart rate was 24 beats per minute. The doctor said if she hadn’t collapsed at the gym, she probably would have died within a week. This is when she was officially diagnosed with an eating disorder.  

Death by cardio!

This girl almost killed herself by trying to "be good" in the gym. She was training for far too long and using all the wrong equipment. Not to mention the fact that she was barley eating to fuel her body for her workouts and when she did eat she wasn't choosing the right foods to deliver results.

She was literally running herself in to the ground!

Over the next 3 years, she embarked on a journey of self discovery and self worth. On this journey, she discovered powerlifting and happy balance with her nutrition. As she started to notice strength and muscle gains, she fell in love with the weight room, and most importantly herself.  

By updating her training methods and stepping back from the hours of cardio, to simply starting a strength program that promoted her to lift heavier weights, and eat for her body type, she completely changed her life and transformed her body!

She now weights a comfotable 140lbs and wears size 10 jeans. Her energy levels are so high she has just secured a promotion at work!

She now eats MORE food than she ever has before, She TRAINS LESS than she ever has before & She has never been as confident in her own skin.

Ladies. Want To Build Lean Muscle And Strength So You Can Regain Your CONFIDENCE & Feel AMAZING? Then You Need To Do This:

Prioritize Strength Training

The focus of each and every workout should be to get stronger. This means adding weight to the bar. Lifting for strength burns many calories, but you’ll also build muscle. This allows you to stay leaner and tighten up the problem areas such as bingo wings, muffin tops, and fat around the thighs and butt.


On The Big Lifts You goal should be to get stronger in the big compound exercises. By focusing on lifts such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pullups, and hip thrusts, you’ll be able to build muscle over your entire body as well as developing a lean hourglass figure.

Use Full Body Workouts

As a woman, you can handle training more frequently than a man. This means instead of doing a body part split, you will need to switch to a full body workout. This allows you to train each muscle group more frequently, and build muscle while maintaining a lean and feminine physique.

Introducing, the breakthrough muscle-building and strength program for women who actually want to look like they lift weights...

What Do I Get When I Join Functional Fitness Strength Training?

  • You will join a small group of like-minded ladies on a specific program to deliver unimaginable results.
  • Tailored training sessions each week (fully coached) so you know exactly what to do each time.
  • We will teach how to safetly exercise for maximum results.
  • A full nutrition plan for the entire program that will help you shed-fat and build lean muscle.
  • Learn how to eat correctly and stop killing yourself in the gym.
  • 4 cookbooks & a healthy sweets & treats cookbook.
  • A private memebrs group where we as coahes will hold you accountable to the program to ensure the very best results.
  • Daily mindset videos to keep you focused and on track with your goals.