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May 17, 2013
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June 16, 2013
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How much do you want to lose and how fast??

How much weight would you like to lose? How fast would you like to lose it?

Guess what……?? IT DOESN’T MATTER!!

I feel like The Rock when I say that!

It’s true though.

If you are having issues with your health presently, wishing it to improve will not make it improve!

A lady called into Functional Fitness HQ yesterday while I was working, for a consultation to join our gym. She informed me that she had just recently had breast cancer and had been receiving treatment. She had a quiet an aggressive form of cancer that spread to her lymph nodes. From time to time she still gets pain and sometimes becomes very weak and “numb” on her left side. Thankfully she is over the worst and her treatment has gone really well. Her doctors have said its ok for her to go back to exercise and some light training again. No resistance training but can do some cardiovascular work.

She informed me she had had stage 4 cancer. She said “There is no stage 5”!

This woman is incredible!

She just finished treatment for cancer and her first thought is to get her health and fitness back in order.

She wants to lose one stone, and is determined to do it as fast as possible. We design programs specific to our member’s needs. We will slowly introducing this lady back to exercise. Really for the first few months it’s just about getting her body back moving. We will be helping educate her on the correct nutritional choices and the correct foods for her body.

I then started thinking……

Some of us are completely oblivious to our health.

“I’ll start on Monday”

“I’m too busy to start this week”

“The kids have football on that night”

However much weight you want to lose and however fast you want to lose it, IT DOESN’T MATTER…. Because unless you change your mind frame and TAKE ACTION, start making time for yourself and more importantly YOUR HEALTH, you are wishing away your life.

We only get one chance. Stop putting your health and fitness on the long finger and start TAKING ACTION.

It’s time to TAKE ACTION.

We have a new phase of Results FitCamps starting next week in Ballina & Crossmolina.

Check out what one of our campers said

“I was always a person who never went to the gym, ate relatively healthy , but I could never understand why people enjoyed going to the gym..I went a few times on my own and hated it always looking at the clock; it was my idea of hell. Then I began the Fitcamp in January and I have had a complete change of heart, I love the classes so much, I’ve even taken up spinning which I love.. Not only are the people and trainers such a pleasure to meet and train with, but my whole attitude has changed.. I think more about what I’m eating and work hard to earn my treats! I now couldn’t see myself not being part of the FF family because I’m happier, I have more energy and I am the fittest I have ever been. I would recommend anyone to try out a class you’ll Suprise yourself how much you will enjoy it. I now look forward to going to the gym, so thank you boys you have converted me!” – EG

If this really is #yourtime Here’s the link….

www.FunctionalFitness.ie/FunctionalFitness.ie/enquiry or email info@functionalfitness.ie


Fitter Healthier Happier


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