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March 26, 2013
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jigsawHope this blog finds you well!

I woke up this morning to a beautiful spring day. Cold and fresh and NO RAIN.

I love this type of weather, plus I’m thinking if it’s this cold now in March that it will be scorching come summer time!

I predict a HEAT WAVE for Summer 2013! You heard it here first ;-)!

So this morning was a pretty relaxed morning for me.

I had a meeting with Molly, a Yoga instructor who started teaching classes at FFHQ recently.

Molly is such a nice person, with an overwhelming passion for teaching Yoga and helping people live a Fitter, Healthier & Happier lifestyle.

The exact same philosophy’s we try to portray every day for our members.

Molly and I met in Mocha Beans for a quick coffee and a chat of how things had been going for her since she joined TeamFF. If you haven’t meet Molly yet, get talking to her, her  passion & positivity for life is brilliant. I was buzzing just chatting with her, and she oooouusses YOGA! I don’t know too much about Yoga but this woman could educate me in 30mins. Her passion is infectious and she’s damn good at what she does!

Check out her Facebook page here…




Anyway I told her a story and I wanted to share it with you guys.

The story was about mind set and goal setting. However it wasn’t about a tricky client, it was about our staff at Functional Fitness!

This story goes back a while, it was actually before Christmas 2011.

Paul’s little girl was coming 2 and getting bigger and busier, his hands were full!

Ciaran and Kevin had just started at with us at FF. Their training plan was at a standstill.

Paul had his hands full and every spare moment he had he wanted to spend with his daughter Emily.

Ciaran had just came back from Chicago, where he had been living for 2 years and had been training with a local gaelic team but doing no resistance training, no nutrition plan and with American food had started to put on a few pounds.

Kevin had never done any resistance training. His workouts were again football related, two nights per week, go one week and miss the next. No structure.

The common dominator here is that there is no accountability, no goal, WRONG MIND SET.

I had done a program called p90x one year previous, so when we first opened our studio back in November 2010. Paul’s uncle from Boston got me interested in the program because he had seen excellent results from some work colleges and the whole of America was doing p90x (Bruno Mars mentions it in his “Lazy Song”). This program was HARD! I mean HARD! Virtually impossible!

Love this song!

Bruno Mars Lazy Song


Knowing what I know now, I would never attempt to do this program again. It was unsustainable with my lifestyle, I wouldn’t keep committed to it AND I could get far better RESULTS in MUCH less time than this MIND FUCK (exercise & nutrition is a mind fuck – it’s the people who can beat the battle with their heads who love exercise!).

Anyway I lasted 6-7weeks on the program. I trained every day for one hour. There were no days off. It was a per iodised program that involved muscle confusion; basically it allowed you to workout every day for 90 days by moving the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) to different parts of the body. The program worked. No doubt about that. It wasn’t sustainable though. I couldn’t build this program into my life, nor did I want to train for one hour every day to get the body I wanted. That for me was too much commitment! I was also on my own with no real support and found it very hard to motivate myself each day, hence why I only lasted 7 weeks , didn’t finish the program and was back at square one as soon as I quit!


“Quitters never win, Winners never QUIT” – BULLSHIT! The program has to work for you.


So one year on, I set the staff of FF a little challenge. I knew the guys weren’t happy about their body shape and fitness levels. I knew they wanted to make a change.

What they were doing up to this point wasn’t working. They knew that and these guys love training, so what was the problem??

I challenged them to fully complete p90x within 94 days.

That’s tough.

I designed a calendar on a4 paper for them. Each day from Day 1 to Day 90 had a different motivational saying to keep them focused. I wanted them to get back in the mindset of training. To understand that training is a lifestyle thing and there were no quick fixes.

Deep down, I was quietly confident. I knew how difficult this program was. You had to commit to one hour per day for 90 days. I only gave them 4 days off for the whole program. This was Christmas time. I remember Christmas day we were in working out just to clock another day off for the boys!

Anyway they completed the program in exactly 94 days. I know because I counted EVERY single day.

Of course I had a little wager on this with the guys but I lost… BIG TIME!

I had to buy each of them a plane ticket to England for my brother’s stag, which I was the best man for and also because we all worked with FF I had to stay behind and mind the ship for the weekend….THAT REALLY BACKFIRED ON ME RIGHT??

So how could these guys complete the 90day program in 94 days and win the bet!


They changed how they were thinking about 90 days of training.

They changed their goals.

They decided they wanted to beat me and make me spend money.

They had a clear goal.

They took one day at a time and marked them off on the calendar as they went.

They had the support of like-minded people all working towards the same goal.

But what really changed??


Attitude Changes Everything


I had held a carrot in front of them, more like an expensive plane ticket, but they had a goal. They knew what they were working towards. They could see the rewards at the end of the journey. They knew how good it would feel to throw it back in my face that they had trained consistently for 90 days.  They completed their mission.

The moral of this story is….DON’T BET!!! HAHA

loser bet slip

NOOOOO…. the moral of this story is DO BET!

If you want to make a change in your life, It’s only YOU who can make that change. No-one else can do it for you.

Back yourself into a corner, give yourself no option.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Set a goal or a treat that when you have accomplished your goal you will reward yourself with something nice.

We see this all the time from the people we train.

Members start programs that they don’t think they can finish. They try and convince themselves that they are not able to do it. Find any excuse to go back to their old ways because stepping out of your comfort zone is hard BUT when you surround yourself with people who are looking for the same as you it becomes much easier.

When you set clear precise goals and understand what you want from a program you can achieve anything.

So given what you read on this blog do you think its sustainable to;

1. Train for 3 hours per week

2. Eat unlimited food, no calorie counting, and no points system,

3. Get the body you’ve always wanted =

Wear the clothes you love and DROP UPTO 2 clothes sizes ALL in just 28DAYS!!!

If you would like more information on Semi-Private Training/Results FitCamps or any of our programs contact us now on:


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