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June 16, 2013
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August 29, 2013
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Naked Skiing in July??


What’s up!?

Had one of the most terrifying experiences yesterday and had to tell you!

So I was playing soccer for my local team on Sunday. We are top of the table with five games left so the pressure is really on us to win all our remaining games!

Thankfully we won on Sunday, 6-1. We are top of the league, like we have been from the start, with our destiny lying in our own hands!

It’s a great situation to be in.

We are in control of your own destiny.


Sunday didn’t go to well for me personally.

I strained my “TFL”, Tensor Fascaie Latae (hip flexor) and Glute (my ass!).

Really painful!

I’m walking a little like John Wayne at the moment!

You probably already know but with any injury, the first 48 hours are really crucial for recovery. Usually if you look after the injury in the first 48 hours it gives you a better chance of heeling quicker!

On Monday morning I woke up and was very stiff and sore. I could hardly drag myself outa bed.

My sister lives in Rosses Point in Sligo. She rang me and told me about a place called “The Cyro Spa” near her house.


********Have you ever been on a ski holiday?? July??….NAKED?? *********    


I had never heard of a Cyro Spa before.

“CryoSpa is a hydrotherapy unit designed for post exercise recovery and for the treatment and prevention of sports injury.

The low temperature, highly concentrated salt water (combined salt and Epsom salt) and vigorous jet system combined, aid in reducing inflammation and in pain relief.”


Basically it’s an ice bath!

It like a friendly Jacuzzi….with a temperature gauge of -1°!!

This thing is literally freezing!

The owner Helen Ford, described it as “Naked Skiing”!!

I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to describe it!

The first 2 minute was a painful experience. It felt like someone was stabbing my legs with a kitchen knife!

After that it got bearable….slightly bearable!

I had to stay in for 10 minutes!

The mind is an amazing thing.

For the first 2 minutes, my instincts were telling me “get the fup out of this bath”, no injury can be worth this much torture!

But after I battled the demons in my head for a while, it actually was fine.

Talking to Helen all the way through definitely helped!


PROOF!!! I swear I was still shivering for 30 minutes after I came out!

Unreal experience though. Kind of addictive.

I wanna go again! Seriously, I felt amazing after 10 minutes in this thing!

Helen and her husband Tom do 10 minutes EVERY morning!!!!




It started me thinking of our own clients at Functional Fitness and how beginners who have never trained with us before must feel before their first session.

We hear it all the time from beginners who start at FF and may not have much training experience.

They don’t think they will be able to “keep up” or they will be “the most unfit person in the gym”.

Some people really want to CHANGE their fitness levels and health but the demons in their head stop them before they can even get to our door!

Do you fear failure before you let yourself start??


Every instinct in your body is telling you ….NO!

Let me tell you this….

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Your brain does not know the difference between right or wrong, yes and no.

Your brain only understands what you tell it.

We had a taster week last week, where we invite people to our gym to train for one week (next one starts on the 19th of August, make sure to book your place here….

We had 30 people on our taster week who had never stepped foot in our gym before.

They were all nervous on the first night, arrived not knowing what to expect!

We asked them to attend 3 sessions for the week. We also gave them a 7 day meal plan and some check lists to make things a little easier with their food choices.

I’m sure everyone in that room had thought about taking action on their health and then put it on the long finger.

It’s too hot to train.

I’ll start when the summer is over.

The kids have too much on for ME to train.

We all think the same but sometimes you just have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Shut Up Head, I’m not listening to you anymore!

These people had all the same fears as you have right now but guess what??

They have taken action, destroyed the demons in their heads and changed the way the think about fitness. Check this out…

Hows taster week going for every1????

K: A lot of aches and pains but enjoying it 🙂

FunctionalFitness Ballina Good to hear it… It really does get easier! Keep up the hard work, you are doing great! Let us know if you have any questions!

N its unreal. really addictive.

S Feeling the burn but feels good..

K Love it apart from the few aches and pains 🙂

FunctionalFitness Ballina BOOM! Love it! Great to hear you are all enjoying it dudes!! Buzzing! Keep up the hard work! Love having you all onboard.



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