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Brilliant concept, have fun and exercise hard. Started this May and a full member for life. If you could bottle the feeling after a class, it would be priceless. I am fit for whatever the day throws at me. Good for the mind, soul and body

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I joined Functional Fitness in September 2018 as i was really struggling to lose weight after having my 2nd baby in December 2017. I was feeling really down in myself and had really lost my confidence. I was constantly tired. I signed up for the 6 week Lean Queens program and from day 1 i loved it, the training was a real adrenaline rush for me and the nutrition program was easy to follow and good for all the family. As i lost weight my confidence really started to come back, i was starting to feel myself again, i had more energy for playing with the kids and my mood improved. I train 3 to 4 times a week and love the variety in the classes and the flexible times of the classes. The lads are great for advice and are always there to help.

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Joined back in April 2018 for the lean queens and haven’t looked back since, have seen great results both in body and mind. Classes are great and trainers so knowledgeable and always there to guide you along the way. Everyone very friendly and a great atmosphere in every class, best thing I’ve ever done

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Joined this team in July and they've changed me forever.they're always there for advice,encouragement and will push you to the last. These classes are full of fun,energy and the finishers send you off on a high???No going backwards for me...

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The guys a Functional Fitness changed my life. They changed my views and approaches to food and exercise. I've never felt better physically and mentally in my life. I was the laziest person going, and now I look forward to exercise, thrive on healthy eating and am motivated to keep challenging myself inside and outside the gym. And I have also met a great group of people and made some great friends.

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I can’t recommend these guys enough. Joined their castlebar gym back in May and seriously impressed with the results. When I joined I didn’t think I’d last 6 weeks...never mind 6 months! It’s not like a conventional gym where you’re left to your own devices. You get great guidance and motivation in every class. Thanks guys

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